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Our parts department is dedicated to getting you the parts you need, when you need them. Monitoring our inventory daily ensures we have the most frequently used parts in stock at all times. Our internal courier travels to each of our four locations daily so we can share our $3M of parts inventory with the location closest to you. Parts support is available 24/7 and we offer monthly parts showcases & promotional offers.
Claas Connect
Claas Connect.PNG

Look up parts on-the-go using the link to the new Parts Doc mobile app.  Add and maintain machines in your fleet view.  Link to Configurator to design your dream CLAAS machine.
Enter and see explanations of machine error codes.  View TELEMATICS data (license required).

Crop Packaging
Crop Packaging - Claas.PNG

It's all about the cost per bale.

CLAAS net, twine, and stretch film are proven and cost-effective. Make these products part of your operation.

Bushel Plus System

The Bushel Plus System is the authentic combine calibration system, designed to quantify your harvest loss by determining exactly how accurate your combine is calibrated. Every farmer’s goal is to maximize efficiency and to minimize combine losses during harvest. We offer the most reliable and robust calibration system for the harvest industry – which makes our all-in-one system the #1 combine loss measurement system and device on the market.

Sunnybrook Welding
Sunny Brook.png

When you are harvesting canola and other small-radius grains, all the way up to corn's sizeable challenges, Sunnybrook offers concaves, cylinders, rotors, and beaters. All with precision balancing to help you harvest your yearly crop choices. 

Kile Machine & Manufacturing

Clear View® Caps fit CLAAS Lexion Track combines. They assist you by giving operators the ability to view and maintain proper oil levels of the idler and roller hubs. Clarity of oil, as well as sufficient oil, can help prevent the replacement and downtime of your equipment due to idler and roller repair.

Michel's Industries

Crop Catcher III

Money in your hands and not on the ground.  Save up to 1/4 bushel per acre or more on Canola.  Never clean your feederhouse again.

Eastwood Products
Harvest Screen.jpg

Harvest Screen

This screen diffuses all pressure and allow swath to fall instead of deflecting out the sides.  By using this approach, it eliminates the need of a frame to contain a solid shield. It also gives you the option of having it quick attach and detach.  Investing in a Harvest Screen® will give you a quick return on investment along with many years of service.

Arnold Innovations

The reverser has made unplugging a much safer job for man and mostly machine. Without the reverser you would have to detention belts or use a rope to "pull back" on the threshing cylinder. With the reverser you have a perfect mix of ease of use and maximum torque at your finger tips, while being very EASY on the machine.

Headsight Harvesting Solutions

The value of header height control is its ability to accurately maintain header ground clearance - which is proven to consistently reduce losses.  Headsight's systems greatly enhance the performance of harvesting equipment.  This means greater protection for your header, increased accuracy, reliability and ease of use.

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